Discover the studio and me...
Who am I?

The idea of ​​offering animal portraits was born from the alliance of my interest in animals and photography, which has fascinated me since my adolescence. Inspired by my own relationship with my animals, the importance they have for me, I wanted to immortalize not only my furry ones, but also those of others. Each animal is different, with his own personality and it is above all unique in the eyes and in the heart of his owner and of his family.

I always try to bring out that little something that is specific to the animal as an individual, what characterizes him, that little spark that is typical for him. I try to let his soul, his character, his emotions shine through.

I like studio photography, because there is the possibility of playing with the light, the poses, the props. It's also an opportunity to take photos that you probably won't have the possibility to take at home. This therefore gives unique photos of your precious furry friend.

I also like to immortalize the animal in his natural environment, during a walk in a park, in the forest or in town. You can just as well pose the animal there, but it is also an occasion to make some candid shots in motion, without being directed or asked to do anything. Simply your animal as he likes to be.

I have been photographing since my adolescence, with long breaks - especially during the transition from film to digital, which was a "psychological" brake for me. I am mainly self-taught, but since I had the project to offer my services to others, I am constantly training. I go to workshops, do online training, I subscribe to various online  education platforms for photographers. I am in search of permanent improvement, because I myself am my most severe critic, but also and above all I want you to be satisfied with my services.

The studio

Everything is specially designed to facilitate the taking of pictures of the animals in complete safety and without constraint. Flashes are used to control and adapt the light according to the desired effect.I have different backgrounds and many accessories available to vary the scenes according to your desires

On the upper floor there is a room for portraits with natural light, in a completely different atmosphere than in the classic studio. Depending on the light conditions of the day and the moment, it is possible to supplement the natural light with lighting similar to daylight.

Here is the viewing room. This is where you can discover and choose your photos, comfortably installed with a coffee or tea and cookies. The photos are projected in large format directly on the wall - cinema feeling guaranteed :-)If necessary, I can help you make your choice, both for the photos and for the supports for your prints.

A mini exhibit decorates my hallway. It allows you to see some excerpts of my work, but above all to discover some of the different possibilities for the art prints. You can see and touch the different materials, sizes and frames to better understand and decide what works best for your home walls