Who is Françoise?

Françoise Sachdé Vétophoto pet photographer and veterinarian in Masseube, Gers, South west France

I have "always" been interested in photography ... I started out as a teenager by experimenting with my first film reflex camera and manual development in my parents' cellar.
This interest shifted to a real passion when I started to photograph animals more seriously. No wonder, since animals are my motivation and my joy in all areas of my life. I work with and for them, first as a veterinarian, then devoting my photography activity to them, and I surround myself with them every second of my free time.
 When I'm portraying an animal, I want to go beyond the simple instant snapshot. I try to let his soul, his character, his feelings shine through. What I want is to capture that little personal spark and immortalize it in my photos ..