How does a photo session go?

The pre-session consultation


Our first conversation allows us to get to know each other either on the phone, in my studio, which you can discover at the same time, or at home if the session is to take place at your home.
You will tell me about your wishes, the type of photos you like and about your animal. About his peculiarities, about what he likes and what he doesn't like, what motivates and amuses him ... You will also tell me who will attend our meeting, if you will come to several people, with several animals?
You can take this opportunity to ask me questions that pop into your mind.
A contract in two copies will be signed and I will ask you to pay a deposit. Finally, we will make an appointment for the shooting.


The photo session

For a studio session, I will have already prepared the decor, the lighting, the accessories that we agreed on during our first meeting.
For an outdoor session, we meet on site, at the location of your choice where the shooting will take place. If it is a place that I do not know, I will have taken care to make an exploration a few days earlier, at the same time of the day when we planned our shooting, in order to check the light conditions of the location .
Depending on the package chosen, the session will last between 20 minutes (all digital discovery or mini-session) and 1h30, or more if you, but especially your animal, have the patience and the desire. I believe that I will never mention too often, that the welfare and respect of the animal is a top priority.

The viewing session

About 2 weeks after the shooting we will meet at the studio where I will show you your images. You will relive the session and dive back into the best moments.
I made sure to add a little "digital magic" to your photos so that they are sublimated and valued as best as possible. You can then choose which ones you want to have on which medium and in which size. If you are not sure, I can share my thoughts with you to help you choose.
The various  photographic artworks that beautifully dress the studio serve as inspiration and help you visualize the rendering of the different media and the different sizes of the artwork.

The order and delivery of your artwork

At the end of your choice, I will be responsible for ordering your photo art pieces in one of the best professional labs. It is also me who will receive the delivery in order to make a final quality control before handing your works to you in person at my studio, unless we have agreed on another delivery method.

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Studio sessions

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Outdoor sessions

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Mini sessions

It is exactly what it sounds like: a smaller version of the studio  package