Outdoor photo sessions

pet photography outdoor portraits

Do you want portraits of your animals in a natural setting, whether in your garden, the great outdoors or in an urban setting? No problem!
Perhaps you have a specific location in mind, but if not then I can suggest some or help you choose the best setting to take the photos of your desires.

Just like in the studio, the welfare of the animal has priority, but absolute safety is also required here! Under no circumstances will your animal be forced into a pose against his will in order to receive a photo as we envision it. I will deal with what he is voluntarily to offer us, trying to make your expectations come true as much as possible.

Your dog doesn't have an obedience reliable enough to let him run free? It doesn't matter, we'll take the shots on the leash and then I can make it disappear in retouching. I would rather spend more time post-processing the images than taking risks.

If we have complete control over the light and the surroundings in the studio, it is very different in the outside environment. We have to come to terms with the  seasons, the weather, but also the daylight, which varies depending on the time of day.